Dance creation

The performances reflect themes, researches and personal compositions of which the individual artists are the authors.

All the artists involved share the study and passion for the tools made available by the Axis Syllabus. They all share a deep respect for the integrity and knowledge of the body. Each artist has their own approach, method, poetic or aesthetic, but everyone is fascinated by the way the body suggests surprising, subtle, logical or complex ideas that stimulate and inspire creativity.

The protection of the body as a primary instrument of the dancer does not place limits on creation, but represents a stimulus to the search for new choreographic, aesthetic and narrative solutions.

* All performances are adaptable to be represented outside.

Anne Cécile Chane-Tune, Frey Faust, 
Barış Mıhçı, Francesca Pedullà

Photography for this website:
Barbara Calì, Stephan Thomsen, Adriano Barranco

A special thanks!