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July 8th – 12th 2024

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upRisingUp Lab

Be light as a bird and not as a feather. Since lightness is precision and determination, not vagueness and abandonment to chance. 

– Italo Calvino

Dear friends,

upRisingUp Festival in Ostuni has become a tradition and we would like to celebrate this 5th edition by remembering how it was born. The name of the Festival combines two English terms: rising up and uprising. The first means “to take off”. The second expresses the “resistance” we oppose to the adversities that life by its very nature places in our path, if we pursue a dream. And it is precisely perseverance, dedication, adaptability and the very moments of stagnation that invite us to ponder. While it is the countless attempts, the falls and the rising up, and the cohesion with whom we share the journey, that strengthen us and help us to grow wings, giving color to our feathers.

From 5th to 7th July the Festival will open with the upRisingUp Lab, a workshop that combines Counseling and Movement, curated by Prof. Domenico Nigro and Francesca Pedullà. And then every day, from July 8th to 12th, we will be glad to welcome you and your friends to our performance events. 21 artists will present dance performances, concerts, exhibitions and labs intended not only for adults, but also for children and families, artists, movement enthusiasts and the curious among you. On July 12th, the performance Land of Birds will take you on an itinerant experience. And as usual, the Pizzica concert by Le Sënaturë will celebrate the closure of the Festival.

Invite your friends, bring your relatives. Pass the word. The shows are free for members of La Radice dei Viandanti. The cost for the labs is 15€.

To participate please send a whatsapp message to this number +39 3468929955.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Francesca, Manuela, Roberta

Program of the Festival
Program OFF
upRisingUp Lab