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La Radice dei Viandanti

Ostuni – Puglia

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Francesca Pedullà, Frey Faust, Baris Mihci

In collaboration with:
The Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork

After years of experience teaching, creating and curating artistic and pedagogical projects, traveling and patiently weaving networks of human and professional relationships in the world, we felt the desire to take longer stays in order to better fuse our passion, experience and knowledge in a common project. We chose the land, the olive trees, the rocks, the scents and colors of the Mediterranean.

The nascent project La Radice dei Viandanti
The Wayfarer’s Root, expresses the desire to create a welcoming place to meet and practice sharing time. A place to experiment and learn from each other. A place to compare different strategies for knowledge accumulation about the body in motion. A place to connect with both the environment that surrounds us and the one we create by being together. A place to simultaneously stimulate and give space to manifest creativity.

The Axis Syllabus

The AXIS SYLLABUS is a human movement lexicon that interrelates information from anatomy, biomechanics and physics to universal movement principles.

Originally consolidated by Frey Faust, the AS has become a movement and research platform for the ASRM (Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork). Hailing from diverse areas of expertise, ASRM members are exploring the kinetic potential of the human body and developing functional movement patterns beyond esthetic criteria. They are physically applying, exploring and counterchecking the data gathered in the AS and also introducing new empirical/scientific data to the group, which keeps the AS evolving constantly.

In AS classes certified teachers are fostering collaborative and explorative learning situations and propose models for a joyful way of moving in accordance with our body structure and its physical context.

As a reference for locomotion, The Axis Syllabus reflects on how we might move and dance in a health-promoting and respectful manner – towards ourselves and others with whom we are sharing movement, time and space. 

Architetture di Corpi

Architetture di corpi is a cultural association based in Italy, active throughout the all country as well as abroad. The APS  Architetture di corpi  strives to convey culture, art and knowledge starting from the study and experience of the body in motion. Dance, theater, music, performing arts are chosen tools to sink into the complexity of reality and always draw new horizons from it, in an attempt to continue to grow as individuals and as a community. The association works to create formats that are sensitive to the new needs of the community, and of artistic research, making the integration of different disciplines and research fields its pillar.