A creative research about the meanings of
home and mobile life as a social visitor. 

Baris Mihci

Duration: 20min

Germany, April 2020:
First realization per small videos.

Italy, summer 2020: performative realization at La Radice dei Viandanti.

In this artistic project I followed the question of belonging and identity that started with being an involuntary visitor and not knowing for how long this situation would stay. Feelings of desires, wishes, projections and homesickness were my partners during this period. 

I am asking questions about the consistency a home or house have for myself and what actually makes me feel home. How is the relationship to places that were home in my past times and what role does a home have for refining my identity and belonging. 

Being a visitor and bringing with you your home. Being a visitor in somebody else’s home. Who are we in these different places and how are we maintaining a connection to our origin even over huge distances? We try to follow the invisible bond that connects the visitor with his home, the presence of the past and the future. We come from there and we will go back there again.