LOAD LINE chapter #2 part 2

Manuela Martella

Duration: 20 min
Original music: Vincent Wilkin
With the support of La Radice dei Viandanti
Creative assistance: Frey Faust, Francesca PedullĂ 

Load line, waterline is a nautical term for the line resulting from the intersection of the water surface with the shipboard wall of a floating vessel. An appropriate marking on the vessel shall indicate the distance the vessel can travel without compromising its seaworthiness.

Do circumstances move us or do we move the circumstances?

Challenging the point as a concept of equilibrium, the body fits into a system within which opposing forces, intersecting directions, compressions and suspensions dialogue with each other. As the body interfaces with an array of staged devices, it aspires to a scientific precision, yet exudes poetry. Stability and equilibrium are both precarious and temporary situations that generate and regenerate each other, each legitimizing itself through the other.