Nuvola Vandini

Duration: 30min

Concept: Sara Parisi e Nuvola Vandini
Performer: Nuvola Vandini
Mentoring: Francesca Pedullà
With the support of: Axis Syllabus International Research Network; Luzzati Lab, Genova.

“For some it is a chasm
for others a crack or a groove.

An emptiness, an absence
that in each of us has made his own home,
with a precise shape.

How we choose to live with this space
which belongs and defines our internal geometry,
it’s singular.
It is our going.

How society and the others and the other 
relate to this space
it is an historical, cultural and political affair.

The power and fragility of these angles
have something celestial, bestial. “

By observing the relationship between the dynamics of dependence and  the speed of production the artists open a window on the infinite range of possibilities that make up the human park.

Human Park talks about that emptiness that is  at the origin.