Elastic Empathic XL

Anne Cécile Chane-Tune, Frey Faust
Bariş Mihçi, Francesca Pedullà

Durata: 30min

Concept: Frey Faust, Francesca Pedullá
Choreography and Dance: Anne Cecile Chane- Tune, Frey Faust, Bariş Mihçi, Francesca Pedullá

How much can we maintain an awareness of both interoception and proprioception, while we “empathize” with and transpose the character or spirit of each other, the objects or even the space around us into movement?

Different bodies in terms of weight, mass, proportions and several wooden sticks of different length, weight and mass.

Playing with proximity and distance
Practicing an empathic gaze

Finding strategies for intensified listening; a patient and constant shift between leadership and following

Testing the responsiveness of spatial relationships

Reading the nature of relationships: menacing, reassuring, liberating, tender, humorous…..

ELASTIC_EMPATHIC XL is an attempt to internalize and instantly render imagined vicarious experiences or the desire/intent/perspective of the other and the non-human.