Anne Cécile Chane-Tune, Frey Faust
Bariş Mihçi, Francesca Pedullà

Durata: 30min

From an idea by: Frey Faust and Francesca Pedullá
Choreography and Dance: Anne Cecile Chane-Tune, Frey Faust, Bariş Mihçi, Francesca Pedullá
With the support of: Axis Syllabus Research Meashowrk, Associazione La Radice dei Viandanti

A Fellini-like, dreamlike, imaginary, minimalist landscape describes an almost perfect world very similar to ours…
Stick with stick
Door to door
Towards a story
A manifesto of empathy
Through cells and atoms
In their dark and light facets


4 Bodies, different in weight, mass, proportions, lots of bamboo, different in length, weight, mass, shape.

How much can we maintain awareness of both interoception and proprioception, while “empathizing” with and transposing the character or spirit of each other, objects, or even the space around us in motion?

Playing with proximity and distances
Practice an empathetic gaze
Finding strategies for intense listening, a patient and constant transition between leading and being led.

Test the responsiveness of the spatial relationship.

Read the nature of relationships: threatening, reassuring, liberating, tender, humorous…..

CANNIZZË is an attempt to internalize and instantly render lived or imagined experiences and dialogue with the desire, intention, perspective of the other and the non-human.