A performance about otherhood

by Myelin Zone

Duration: 30min

Curated by Myelin Zone

Concept: Francesca Pedullà and Sabrina Marzagalli
Original music- live : XU Circle-Alessandro Bartolena
Choreographer/ dancer : Francesca Pedullà
Props: Ad Hoc legno e disegno
Drawing: Sabrina Marzagalli
Choreographic assistant and light designer: Frey Faust
Creative facilitator: Shannon Cooney
Dramaturgical consultant:  Davide Francesca
Photography: Beatrice Testa and Federica Guglieri

With the support of: TFK Berlin, Accademia di Belle Arti di Genova

Receiving who? One guest – internal. Accept it before examining it and possibly reject it. Intrepidity, an attitude that is infinitely richer and ultimately perhaps more effective than the prudence of those who build walls.
(Elio Facchinelli, La mente Estatica)

Video / work in progress 

When a body is put into a relationship, what does it say? How can it be looked at?

Can you meet on your own? What’s the line between you and me? Where do I start? Where do I end up?  Where do you start? How to undo the border?  How to make it visible?  What is agency?  Who is moving who? 

At the center of the work is the relationship between a human body and a non-human body. Identity and otherness draw on and refer to each other while a new body and a new perception of the environment are born from the effort to adapt.

The performance speaks to the relationship/transformation of the bodies before and during the encounter through the synergy or friction among choreography, projection and soundscape.