A performative learning process

Manuela Martella, Francesca Pedullà

Duration variable: 30/60/120min

Concept: Manuela Martella, Francesca Pedullà
Sound: Alessadro Bartolena
Voice: Alessandra Corbecco
Visual: The Human Movemnet Alphabet, Manuela Martella in collaboration with Frey Faust, The Axis Syllabus 

With discipline towards abundance.
With faith towards abandonment.
With dignity beyond the limit.

Offering to walk on the threshold
between focus and distraction.


What is the current value of fatigue?
Is boredom the illusion of having seen it all?

We want to reclaim the right to take risks and fail as a premise for learning and succeeding. The sequence of movements will be chosen only a few minutes before the performance and has never been experienced before under these conditions. We will face exhaustion, to negotiate the urgencies that will manifest and to cope with the continuous and inevitable process of adaptation. An audiovisual support will accompany the performance and share the documentation of the physical and emotional challenges and strategies of the learning process.