The magic rope

New production

To the children, who often remind us that looking up to the sky we can give ourselves moments of pure poetry, surprise, creativity and joy; to them who know how to live in that state of widespread and contagious curiosity that makes them exemplary scientists; to the little humans who awaken in us adults the desire to explore the body, experience its abilities, play with its communicative potential.

This section of the project is dedicated to children. We will experience through the language of the body the possibility of telling stories, transmitting large and small scientific discoveries, reinterpreting reality in an abstract, dreamlike, playful and ironic way, to dream together with the children.

La Radice dei Viandanti presents: The magic rope
Duration: 30 min
Dance theater performance for children (suggested 5 years or older) and adults.
By and with Davide Francesca, Manuela Martella, Roberta Messa, Baris Mihci, Francesca Pedullà, Jacopo Desiato.

The performance was created in the context of the upChildrenUp section of the project and festival upRisingUp.

Once upon a time, there was a dance company that couldn’t dance anymore. A spell? A curse?
Or because of some strange disease? The thing is… so begins the little big journey to search for what seems lost.
to find something we don’t remember anymore. With the help of a strange fairy and an irascible host, young and old come!
Let’s dance!

The performance, which represents a first step of a larger project, was born together with the editorial project “MANTEìA”, an illustrated collection of some of the most significant stories belonging to the FA. A cultural archive of Indo-European, Middle Eastern and African influences; a compendium of fairy tales, legends, songs, metaphors and symbolic references, the Fa is a key to understanding the customs and world views of many modern African cultures, linking storytelling, singing and sophisticated moral instruction to a mathematical structure that values. It stimulates the memory and provokes reflection and self-discovery.
MANTEIA is curated by Scie Festival in collaboration with Ass. Cultural Sonagnon and Architecture di Corpi APS.