Work in progress
Produced by upRisingUp
with Francesca PedullĂ , Manuela Martella, Roberta Messa,
Baris Mihci, Davide Francesca e Giulia Elicio (little guest).

To the children, who often remind us that looking up to the sky we can give ourselves moments of pure poetry, surprise, creativity and joy; to them who know how to live in that state of widespread and contagious curiosity that makes them exemplary scientists; to the little humans who awaken in us adults the desire to explore the body, experience its abilities, play with its communicative potential.

This section of the project is dedicated to children. We will experience through the language of the body the possibility of telling stories, transmitting large and small scientific discoveries, reinterpreting reality in an abstract, dreamlike, playful and ironic way, to dream together with the children.

upChildrenUp! in its initial phase, aims to produce a show piece for children and adults and to share it as part of the upRisingUp traveling festival, matinees for preschools and festivals dedicated to children.