Nuvola Vandini, Neus Borrell

Duration: 30min

With: Nuvola Vandini e Neus Borrel Mateu
Concept: Nuvola Vandini e Neus Borrel Mateu
Voice: Neus Borrel Mateu
Dramaturgy: Nuvola Vandini
Production: Architetture di Corpi

With the support of Rete Habitat per la danza Contemporanea | Fienile Flò, Ass. Crexida

Finalist of Premio DirezioniAltre Cie TWAIN 2018

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Neus Borrell and Nuvola Vandini present a duo in which, while one wrestles the dance from the song, the other pries the dance from the voice. Mastication is their mother tongue; articulating and repeating everything about anything that signified a common place, a place with a unique body and voice. It is from this center, mouth to mouth, that the initial sound material is transformed, provoking a conflictual encounter with the body. It becomes something else. A song sung in it’s mother tongue expands, becomes silent, becomes another song.